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1C:Enterprise 8.1. Training Version

Training version of 1C:Enterprise 8.1 platform is the operating 1C:Enterprise 8.1 platform with the following limitations:

  • Data count in documents, catalogs, charts of accounts, charts of characteristics types and other object tables is limited;
  • Record count in table parts and record sets is limited;
  • Only one user can work on one infobase at a time;
  • Client-server mode is not supported;
  • Distributed infobases are not supported;
  • COM-connection is not supported;
  • Operating with Web-services not supported;
  • Password use and Windows-authentication for users are not available;
  • Spreadsheets printing and saving are supported in Designer only;
  • Performance of training version is lower than 1C:Enterprise 8.1 commercial version.

Training version lacks hardware and software protection.

Training version lacks hardware and software protection.

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