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If you want to implement 1C:Enterprise system or to customize the existing 1C:Enterprise software the following information can be tempting for you. Get cost savings up to 50% lower compared to USA, Canada and Europe.

Our certified partners and specialists can offer any of the following services:

Guiding price, per hour
Project management services USD85 - USD120
1C:Enterprise programming
  • Reports/documents/registers/etc. creation and customization,
  • Migration from 1C 7.7 to 8.x,
  • Data migration and conversion;
1C:Enterprise localization into English
  • Content Translation,
  • Context Linguistic Testing,
  • Functionality Testing;
1C:Enterprise installation, maintenance
  • New infobase creation,
  • Infobase backup and restore, clean up,
  • Remote administration,
Training and support
  • Prepare help files, manuals, training videos,
  • Support consultations;