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Elisy Inventory Management v.1.0 (beta) demo configuration is available for downloading. The download is available from Forums section (General 1C:Enterprise -> Links to Download) and accessible for registered forum users only.

Version 1.0 requires 1C:Enterprise 8.0 (training version or higher). Version 2.0 requires 1C:Enterprise 8.1.

Key features:

Solution demonstrates the configuration of catalogs, constants, enums, processings, charts of characteristic types, information registers. Includes many forms and 1C:Enterprise script language source code.

Applied solution key features:

  • Allows to classify Nomenclature (Inventory) supporting Products, Services and Kits;
  • For each item allows to sprcify Nomenclature group, Units, Unit conversions, VAT Rate and more;
  • Files and images can be attached to each inventory item;
  • One of the item images can be marked as primary and it will be shown in item and list forms;
  • Each item supports user defined properties and categories.


  • Free
  • Open source
  • English source code and business logic;
  • Includes Russian localization;
  • Contains demo data.